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About Sharonda Lynn

A natural born cheerleader turned health enthusiast that is noted by colleagues and clients alike for a dynamic positive outlook and extensive technical expertise.

Her big smile is the core of her energetic presence. She helps people young and old utilize their inner power to push them to their next level. As an experienced health coach, clients find her open, knowledgeable, effective, and giving of her time and resources. Experience in exercise, wellness, coaching, weight loss, business, marketing, speaking, ministry, writing, information technology, web, and graphic arts gives her a unique ability to assist her clients who are ready to reclaim their life and live their best right now. Sharonda Lynn is an EXCITING catalyst for change and motivation. Her PASSION and purpose is to empower people to throw away fear and doubt and to replace them with courage and success. This, coupled with a faith filled foundation, allows them to break out of the bondage of a negative mind which will then enable them to soar.

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